Civil Contractors

At VDC we provide the most precise, workable, trustable, and cost effective solutions to the Civil Contractors. Our specialization lies in 3D virtual design and construction where we create 3D models by inputting all the relevant data like contract documentation, specifications listed in the design brief, design documentation.
All the elements to be used in the project are validated for their constructability, the future performance of the project, and maintenance. We work on the international codes and standards that are relevant to the project.The 3D models that are created putting in the most exhaustive information are coordinated to detect any clashes in the design or in the structural elements.
The clashes that are found are resolved with the consult of concerned consultants in the project by raising RFIs for better communication. Once the potential issues are resolved, the final 3D models are created for further analysis of the detailed elements being used.
Services for Civil Contractors include but are not limited to:

  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Audit
  • Creation of Execution BIM Model
  • Creation of As-Built BIM model
  • Clash detection and clash resolution
  • COBie Extraction
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Scan to BIM Model
  • 4D project planning
  • 5D quantity estimating and costing
  • Good for construction drawings
  • Shop drawings
  • Installation drawings
  • As-Built drawings
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