Case Study : BIM Execution Plan Assistance for MEP Contractor

Before implementation of BIM in a project, it is important to prepare an execution plan for the same for better deliverance of the project. VDC helps clients by detailing out the deliverables stipulated by the contract and the requirements for information exchange.

By BIM execution plan, the proposed approach of the project could be demonstrated. The project brief hence created helps define the nature of the built asset. BIM execution plan aims in developing the design in line with the client’s needs.

The execution plan that we prepare includes how the information that is requested should be provided. This is a crucial step because the information that would be produced by BIM services should be easily comprehended on site. Many other such concrete sets of information form the BIM execution plan.

The completed project can then be operated effectively and efficiently. The execution plan also sets out how the information model of the project will be assembled and delivered. Execution plan is an important document that describes the information that the client needs to make crucial decision points.

The execution plan is made on the guidelines by BS 119:2007, PAS 1192-2:2013, CIC BIM Protocol, etc. that is a direct response to the Employer’s Information Requirement.

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