Case Study : Infrastructure 3D BIM for Airport Taxiway

Infrastructure is the nervous system of a project hence, getting a well-connected and planed infrastructure in a project is very crucial.

BIM can be implemented in all kinds of construction projects – residential, commercial, industrial, and so on. VDC technologies took up a project for BIM in an infrastructure project for Airport Taxiway.

For this project, all the necessary architecture, structural, and all other services data in form of 2D drawings and brief of the project were collected from the client and were thoroughly studied by our team. Once all the drawings were reviewed, all the queries were raised to the client for explanation.

After resolution of all the queries, 3D models were created for all the required elements. Once all the models were prepared, the same were coordinated to look for clashes, if any. The detected clashes were then raised to the client through RFIs. The resolution of clashes were done by the client and other consultants involved. The final clash free 3D models were then created for the site execution.

Services in the project:

  • 3D BIM Models
  • 3D coordination
  • Clash detection
  • Clash resolution
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