Specialist Fire Fighting Contractor

We at VDC, create 3D models for specialist fire-fighting contractors by handling fire-fighting projects and we provide the solutions in time and budget. The life safety systems are used in the fire-fighting systems so that the building model could be improved. The models that are created are coordinated with other information provided by the client about others services involved in the project.
We use the following standards along with a few other local standards applicable as per project:

Standard Use
NFPA 13 Installation of Sprinkler System
NFPA 14 Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems
NFPA 17 Dry Chemical Extinguishing Systems
NFPA 20 Installation of Stationary Pumps
NFPA 22 Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection
NFPA 2001 Inert Gas Based Suppression System

We produce shop drawings after the 3D coordination of the models have been done in order to avoid any clashes.The clashes that are found are resolved with the consult of concerned consultants in the project by raising RFIs for better communication. Once the potential issues are resolved, the final 3D models are created for further analysis of the detailed elements being used.
The models created are according to the specifications of the project and the solutions that we provide at VDC are innovative in the field and meets the requirements of the clients and all other stakeholders.
Services for Specialist Fire Fighting Contractors include but are not limited to:

  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Audit
  • Creation of Execution BIM Model
  • Clash detection and clash resolution
  • Shop drawings
  • Installation drawings
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