Case Study : HVAC Detailing in Hotel

HVAC in itself is a complex service in a project hence, proper planning and proper detailing is required on site.

For a hotel project, we detailed out the HVAC services. We first calculated the heat load of the building. Once the heat load was calculated, the distribution of water and air for specific rooms was planned.

Distribution of water and air is also based on equipment schedule. Specific standards were referred according to the application of building. Keeping ceiling void also in consideration. Pipe sizes and duct sizes were calculated in accordance with the velocity/friction limits defined in standards.

Then the ducts were installed in the model as per SMANCA standards with 3D support system. The distances between the supports were maintained according to the size of duct/pipe.

The services were coordinated at this stage only to prevent any clashes. Various other calculations were also done, e.g. pump head calculation, staircase and lift well pressurization calculation, louver sizes, ventilation calculation

The completed 3D models were then handed over to client. After completion of the modeling, we assisted the equipment suppliers by providing them all technical information.

Services in the project:

  • Creation of BIM model
  • 3D coordination
  • Clash detection and resolution
  • Assistance at site
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